It started with a need for simplicity...

And also, I wanted to look fabulous and comfortable, all the time with minimal effort.  

Is that too much too ask?

After starting The Tiny Closet in 2011, (a personal style blog based on curating and customizing a minimal wardrobe), I had cleaned out my closet and felt liberated from the burden of having too many options of mediocre things to wear.  I focused on building a beautiful, personal collection of clothing for myself.  But with the new standards I had for my closet (fit, quality and authenticity), I was suddenly never able to find what I was looking for.  Nothing in the stores could meet my needs.  So I decided to make the clothes I wanted to see in my closet.

I made simple looks with comfortable, quality fabrics in classic colors, and I meant for them to be worn for any occasion.  The clothing I created for my daily life was eventually what I ended up basing upon for a clothing line.  

With all the loads of clothes and fast fashion we can buy everyday, it can leave a gal with a load of options when she wakes up to get dressed.  But what if she had just a few options?  What if she adored every little thing in that closet?  Mornings might look a bit different.

The Tiny Closet Collection is a just that, a collection of clothing carefully built over time each season of thoughtful, simple, quality pieces for the modern, every day life. Just a few pieces to be completely adored.  And worn truly everyday. Each item has earned its reputation starting out in my own Tiny Closet and after years of exploring and fine-tuning every way to make a woman feel effortless, fabulous and comfortable, I am very happy to add them to your Tiny Closet.