it started with a need for simplicity...

Why I started The Tiny Closet Collection...

It indeed all began with a need for simplicity.  Simplicity and comfort.  I realized more than anything,

I want to look fabulous, comfortable and minimal.

After starting The Tiny Closet in 2011, a personal style blog based on customizing a minimal wardrobe and creating a closet you love, I felt liberated from the burden of having scads of options of mediocre things to wear and I focused on building a beautiful, personal collection of clothing for myself.  

Of course, with the new standards for fit and quality and authenticity that I required for my closet, I was suddenly never able to find what I was looking for.  Nothing in the stores could meet my needs.  

So I decided to make it myself.

Comfortable, quality fabrics, classic colors, simple looks and designs meant to be worn for any occasion was what I created for my daily life, and eventually what I ended up basing upon for a clothing line.  

In a world that tells you what to buy (and it tells you to buy everything all the time) it can leave a gal with a pretty big load of options when she wakes up to start her day.  Options of clothing she may not care too much about since she already has quite a bit anyway.  And counting!  But what if she had just a few options?  What if she adored every little thing in that closet?  Mornings might look a bit different!  

The Tiny Closet Collection is a just that, a collection of clothing carefully built over time of thoughtful, simple, quality pieces for the modern every day life. Just a few pieces to be completely adored.  And worn truly everyday. 

Each item has earned its reputation starting out in my own Tiny Closet and after years of exploring and fine-tuning every way to make a woman feel light, fabulous and comfortable, I am very happy to add them to your Tiny Closet.