An artful outer piece for Fall.  Mud Cloth, or "Bogolanfini", which means earth mud cloth, is originally handmade in Mali.  Thick handwoven organic cotton is pieced together in strips, then dyed using branches, plants and mud from marshes.  The cloth is left to dry in the sun for several days and then repeatedly washed to remove excess mud.  Women paint symbols throughout the cloth with paint or a bleaching substance.  The symbols are codes - a language carried down from mother to daughter, telling stories.  And not all mud cloth is the same story - or language, for that matter.  The symbols admired on each cloth is a language specific and unique to each community that makes the cloth.  Therefor, an alluring mystery to you and I.


  • Length: 40" / Width (circumference): 48"

  • Fits sizes 2 - 16 (XS - L) Sizes 14 and above will look more fitted with less bulk/room.

  • White background with black print

  • No coat is the same. Prints will vary

  • Suited for all heights. However, hem height will be several inches higher for those 5'8 and above

  • Models in photos range from 2 to 6 and Petite to Regular heights


  • Dry Clean Only

  • Do not iron or steam (cloth is hand painted and iron/direct steam may ruin print)

I buy my mud cloth directly from African vendors from Kenya or Burkina Faso.  And since no two cloths are alike, many hours are taken to evaluate each cloth I encounter.  I look for just the right print of symbols for each of my designs and make sure it's clean of excessive mud stains and large rips.  The cotton strips pieced together are never equal in width so I make sure all prints are perfectly aligned so that they'll hang well during wear.  And lastly, I always keep my mudcloths as raw as possible when designing them for coats.  No lining, cuffing or extras added.  Keeping the original look of the cloth is my first priority to make this garment extra special and one of a kind for the wearer.

  • One Size

Handmade to order by the designer. Ships in 2-3 weeks. All domestic shipping is USPS 1-3 Day Priority Mail.

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