An artful outer piece for Fall.  African Indigo Cloth comes from various countries in Africa and ranges greatly in size, color and prints.  All cloths are hand stitched and hand-dyed in indigo from organic cotton strips.  Some are washed repeatedly to show fade, others are kept for up to 25 years before sold (they're considered vintage cloths and have an incredibly soft yet durable touch).  The cloths that are printed are done in starch to resist the indigo dye, showing a contrasting pattern throughout the cloth.  Most cloths are made uniquely one of a kind.


  • One Size

  • Length: approx 40" / Width (Circumference): 62"

  • Fits sizes 2 - 18 (XS - XL)

  • Suited for all heights. Hem height will be several inches higher for those 5'8 and above.

  • Fit will not be oversize for sizes 14 and above but will still fit loosely and beautifully

  • Prints will vary with each coat

  • Model is 5' and wearing One Size


  • Cloth is vintage and aged for 20+ years before sold

  • Indigo Cloth can be machine washed only on Gentle/Delicates Cycle

  • Dry Cleaning is preferred if you do not want to handle vintage cloth as it is delicate.

  • Lay flat to dry

  • Iron or Steam for daily wear

I buy my indigo cloth directly from African vendors from Mali.  And since indigo cloths in particular are each one of a kind, many hours are taken to evaluate each cloth I encounter.  I look for just the right print of symbols, also making sure there are no excessive tears.  The cotton strips pieced together are never equal in width so I make sure all prints are perfectly aligned so that they'll hang well during wear.  And lastly, I always keep my indigo cloths as raw as possible when designing them for coats.  No lining, cuffing or extras added.  Keeping the original vintage cloth in its most natural state is my first priority to make this garment extra special and one of a kind for the wearer.

Handmade to order by the designer. Ships in 2-3 weeks. All domestic shipping is USPS 1-3 Day Priority Mail.

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